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Friday, April 15, 2011


Pick up girls - of course
make Isabel change into riding clothes - yes
drive to Rickard's office to pick him up - yes
drop me and Sofia off at home - dropped off
make Sofia take a shower - she didn't want to at first but I ignored her and she came around
start on dinner - pork fillet with pasta and horseradish sauce
start a load of laundry - one load of whites started
fix a snack for Isabel for tomorrow - I had to do that this morning
dinner after Isabel and Rickard comes back - we started before they returned
make Isabel take a shower - *gag* she smelled of stables at dinner
bedtime for the girls - g'night
move laundry to the dryer - actually managed to run a second load too!
drive to the store to get some fresh groceries - We're doing that today
hopefully pick up a parcel at the post office - Nope, no post slip in the mail for me yet *boo hiss*
try out a recipe for the site - couldn't do this because I hadn't been to the store
trace patterns - nope
start on some sewing - I cut out two Hopscotch dresses
watch an episode of Torchwood - 2 actually
fix the insurance issue I have with my parents' carpet - This weekend I hope
read some for the review I have to do by next week - Nope I was too tired
bedtime for me (preferably before midnight) - I turned out the lights at 12:20 am so, nope

In all an acceptable result I think. Moving some of this to today's list ...
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