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Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Multi-tasker Totes

I can finally show you pictures of something!


It's taken a while, but I finally finished another Multi-tasker Tote by Anna Maria Horner.

I cut out the first pieces I think a month ago, but I didn't start actually sewing until last week.


I had it almost all finished yesterday. I just needed to stitch up the opening in the lining.
I was gonna do that last night, but Rickard insisted on watching a movie (Star Trek - oh woe be me ;-) ) and it was too dark, plus I couldn't concentrate on the awesome of the movie.

Once the movie was finished I stitched the seam up and it was ready for a test drive today.


In hindsight I should have interfaced the pocket pieces too. The fabric I used is a bit too thin for this bag. But it will make a great knitting bag this fall.

It goes really well with my new purse. I bought that from Marieliz on Etsy. Amazingly talanted woman (runs in the family).


I'm debating ripping out the straps on the tote and replace it with something brown like in the purse.
What do you think?
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