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Thursday, April 7, 2011



Reversible Bucket Hat I made for Sofia on Sunday. Her head is 21" so I made the largest size which fit her ok. Isabel is 21.5" and it looks too small for her, but since it's a circle and lots of circumferences it's not so easy to grade it. I'll have to give it a try though.

If I make it again from this fabric quality I'll double interface the brim and maybe single interface the sides and the tip. It turned out a bit flimsy.

Other results of tonight is one cut out Hopscotch top for Sofia (size 6), one pair of Nature Walk Pants for Isabel in stretch twill, cut out and ready to go.

I also fixed Isabel's black velour Nature Walk Pants that I mucked up. I cut off the waist band and cut out a new one that I made 1/2 inch taller to compensate for the cut off seam allowance.

I went around the seam twice because the fourth thread skipped on my serger and made it look weird. Second turn around it turned out fine.

I have heaps of fabric to iron and stash, and I have a piece of seersucker that needs to be washed to I can make a School Photo Dress from it for Sofia and/or use the rest as lining for my/the girls' messenger bag.

I'm also involved in something fun that is movie/books/video games/board games/craft related. I can't speak much of it, but it launches soon and then I'll let everyone know.
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