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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Isabel's Milk&Lingonberry cardi

No pictures yet, but Isabel's cardigan is coming along nicely. I tried it on her this morning and I think I just have 2 or 4 more rounds to go before I can set thearm stitches on hold and knit the skirt part.

I wanted to make a different lace pattern on Isabel's cardigan, but I think I'll use the same as for Sofia's.
I might change my mind if I can come up with some nice cables or an easy lace pattern before it's time to start the skirt.

The yarns she chose work so well together. I most definitely would not have chosen those so I'm glad she came along to pick the colours herself.

She looked very pleased this morning when we tried it on for size.

I wish I had something picture-ish to show you but instead I hope you can hold out for another week or so until I can show you the logo I worked on this weekend for The Project.

I'll see if I have enough light this afternoon to take a picture of my progress.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New plans - again

Finally, 1 year later I managed to get things rolling on my big Project.

Rickard is helping me out with the tech stuff. I'm sure I could get that done sort of but he is amazing that way.
Plus I think he thinks it's fun.

So watch this space cause things will soon look rather different here ...


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sewing day

Last year Rickard and I gave each other alone time for Christmas. One Saturday every other month we're free to do what ever we want for a day without having to mind the kids.

Today was my day and I took the opportunity to get a hair cut and then go back home and sew.

I had cut out some pattern pieces this week so I could just sit down and sew.


I made this bag from some left-over, gorgeous Lantern Bloom fabric I bought for a quilt. I used the Phoebe bag pattern by Artsy-Crafty Babe.

I've not had a lot of experience making bags. I made a Multi-tasker tote by Anna-Maria Horner but that was about it.
But the Phoebe bag was very easy to put together. The directions were easy to follow and I made the bag from start to finish (not counting cutting time) in about 2,5 hours.

I didn't have a magnetic snap so I used a closure I bought for a cardigan I'm knitting for Sofia. I'll have to get another on Monday cause her cardi needs two.

I made some other stuff too but I'll have to wait posting about that cause it's a secret.

I have more Lantern Bloom remnants and I plan on making another Multi-tasker tote but I haven't cut out the pieces yet. I started cutting the exterior when I cut for the Phoebe bag but I never finished the job, and now it's really too late to be cutting fabric. I'll only mess it up.


This is Isabel's doll quilt, finished. I have one more for Sofia to quilt but I haven't gotten to that yet. I think I'm gonna tie that one instead.


Here's a close-up I took of Isabel's quilt while trying out the manual focus function on our camera.
I just discovered it - we've had the camera for 4 years. Yes I've run it on Automatic basically since. I'm challenged when it comes to photography.

The evening ended with delicious bulgur and kefta for a late dinner while watching Brüno. Yeah, not the best combo. That movie was disgusting at times. Mostly in regards to other people's behaviour - not necessarily Brüno's.
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