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Monday, April 4, 2011



I had this pile of fabrics sitting on my ironing board last week. The pink and green at the top will be (has become) a reversible bucket hat for Sofia. It is done and she's wearing it to daycare today but I haven't uploaded the pictures yet.

The jade green knit with Kokeshi dolls has become a Hopscotch top for Isabel.


It was a little short in the body for Isabel and I think I'll add about 1" next time.
To save on the length there was I did a lettuce hem instead of a folded hem.

Isabel tried it on but took it off immediately and hasn't shown much interest in wearing it.
The yoke seam felt itchy she said the first time, but the second time she said it felt ok, so I'm hoping she'll come around.

I made her a pair of black velour Nature Walk Pants last night - but we are not speaking of that.


Not a word.

Black velour with black 4-threaded serger seams doesn't lend itself well to unpicking.
I'll have to take out the scissors.
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