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Friday, May 29, 2009

My Sewing Room disaster ...

I took a cue from the Domestic Diva and started organizing my sewing room last night when Rickard was at an office party.

I got some head way and it's already looking better. Well, half the room is .. or one third.

My sewing room doubles as an office so I have a long table with my computer at one end and my sewing machine on the other.

20090529_img004 20090529_img005

20090529_img006 20090529_img007 20090529_img008

On the other side I have a nice cutting/work table that my husband built me from four old kitchen cabinets and some pine board.

20090529_img009 20090529_img010

The third wall is made up of a book case, an armoire and a CD-tower and in front of (and blocking) all of that - my ironing board.


I cleared the work table last night and organized the shelves above and I'm really happy with how it's turning out.

I'm still not done so I haven't taken any after shots. That will be remedied as soon as I'm somewhat done.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

More creativity


Now Isabel's got a birthday dress too ... This one took a little longer but I like it so much!

On second thought I think Sofia's dress became too big so I may have to draft a smaller size and make another for her ... maybe this weekend.

I also whipped up something I've been thinking about for a while.


I took some scraps, cut them randomly with my pinking shears then sewed them to a Moleskine with a wide zigzag.


To protect the stitching on the inside I glued on some pretty paper.

My Creative Space May 28th

My Creative Space

I've wanted to join in on Kootoyoo's My Creative Space for a while now, but everytime I see it I'm at work and when I get home at night I never get around to actually take pictures of what ever it is I'm doing.

But today I'm working from home and I think I can take time out to do this.

Tonight I'll be making a dress for my big girl and I took out some fabrics to chose from.

The pattern is from an Ottobre magazine and I already tried the pattern here.

I hope this is a turning point for me. I sewed the dress last night and I felt so calm and content doing it. I forgot how much I like sewing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday dress


Every little girl needs a new dress for her birthday. And if it's home made the better.

Sofia's 2nd birthday is next Friday and this morning I decided she needed a birthday dress.


So tonight after dinner I sneaked away into the sewing room and started drafting the pattern. It's from Ottobre Design's latest issue. I used model 18 which is basically a pillowcase dress.

There were 3 variations and I chose the sleeveless one in size 104. I think it will be a bit too big for her this summer but come fall I'm sure it will fit nicely.

I used some Robert Kaufmann fabric (Kleo and Bangle Dot in Sage) that I bought last year from an Etsy store to use for this very thing.

The dress came together really fast. I started copying the pattern at 7pm and the dress was finished at 9:45 pm.


I need a different drawstring because the colour on the satin ribbon isn't quite right, but I can't decide if I should make my own drawstring from the Bangle Dot fabric or if I should buy something.
I'm leaning towards the first option, but I'm planning on making a second dress for Isabel using the same fabric combination so I'll have to wait to make sure I have enough.

I'll try it on Sofia tomorrow and I hope she'll like it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Caring and thoughtful

My daughter is almost 5 years old (less than 2 months left of the fours) and sometimes I and my husband find little presents under our pillows when we go to bed at night.


The latest present (I was typing last, but I hope it wasn't the last one) was this little faerie. She had coloured it and cut it out herself with her rounded left-handed scissors.
Daddy's was coloured pink and mine was a funkier black faerie.

I keep the drawings there as long as possible. They do tend to wear out. But I hope more will turn up by themselves.

And come to think of it. I do sleep better these days.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've moved around some posts from my old blogs so that all are in this one.

I realised the biggest reason I wasn't posting was because I wasn't sure which blog to post to.

So I consolidated - problem solved.

We have a long weekend ahead due to Ascension Day. I hope to get some knitting done and maybe I'll plan for a new quilt.

I have a want-to-do-list a mile long. Best get started.


And just to be sure to have a picture - rhubarb and elderflower cordial. Homemade of course!
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