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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Quick, quick, slow

I started painting my studio yesterday and had high hopes I would get the brunt of the job done the same day. But dark turquoise walls are really hard to paint over with a white colour. I had bought 3 liters and the vendor assured me it would be enough.

Spoilers! It wasn’t.


The clock was ticking for closing time at the paint store so I enrolled my mother to go and buy another can of paint, certain another liter would be enough.

Nope, still not enough. And the store is closed on Sundays.


So we turned to the internet to see if we could find another local store that carried the same brand of paint and was also open on Sundays. Turns out paint is not something store owners think you want to buy on Sundays. But the internet told us there was a place 15 km away so we decided to go there.

Turns out the internet was wrong and they weren’t open on Sundays at all. The second closest place was 65 km away and while I really wanted to get it done, I didn’t want it that bad. So I had to rethink my plan.

I thought I’d get nothing done but I have primed the fourth wall, sanded down the chest just before it started snowing, painted the chest once (dry time 8 hours, ugh) and I just finished painting the focus wall the first time. I can paint it again in 3 hours which I intend to do, if only so I can take off the masking tape and see the result.

I’m really liking the colour.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Slow going

I didn’t get as much done in the studio this week as I had hoped. The girls are both back in school and evening activities have started up.

Tonight we bought Indian take-out and watched some Netflix before the girls bedtime, and I fell asleep on the sofa. Woohoo! Big night.

I did manage to bring out all the rollers and brushes from the shed though, so tomorrow, bright and early there will be painting.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New studio


Now that the attic is done (more or less) I have turned my attention to Isabel’s old room which is being turned into a studio for me. I say studio because it’s easier than “my new sewing room”, and also because it sounds less home spun.

When we moved in to this house we picked a dark turquoise for Isabel’s walls and I put up some cute ballerina wallies. They will all have to go now. It was time either way – Isabel had started mentioning that she wanted them gone even before we began the attic conversion. I was just sad to see them go. She was still in diapers when we moved in here. My wee girlie.

But I digress. I took down all the ballerinas yesterday and tonight I’ll go over and patch all the holes in the walls and window sills. I plan to get all the prep work done this week so I can start painting this weekend.


The plan is to paint three of the walls a bright white with a very slight pinkish tint and the fourth wall (the one with the door) will be a pale dusty pink. I also picked a different texture for the pink wall. Alcro has a brand they call Pashmina which has a very matt finish. I hope it will be a nice background for photographs as well.


The wall behind the door will be white and I plan to cover it somehow with flannel or fleece so I can use it as a design wall. The door will come off and put into storage. If I need to close off the studio I’ll have to make some kind of drape for the door instead. Both girls are so big now that there is no need to shut the door to keep them out any more.

Initially I planned to put the computer in one of the wardrobes but I may need the space for my stash and shop stock – I hope to do a personal destash when I move in though so there is still hope.

The Attic – Unveiling


Remember this?

In almost exactly six month’s time it has become this:


We did an epic IKEA run on Friday last week where we got beds, sofas, storage drawers, rugs, bedding, lamps etc. We assembled flat pack furniture until 10 pm on Friday and got up early on Saturday to continue.


Before the addition of posters and book cases this is what Sofia’s room looked like. I love the floors. Not only because I laid it but because I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.


This is Sofia’s bedroom nook. We added a hanging net over it after this picture was taken and it looks really cosy.


Isabel picked a wood grain pattern on her drawers.


I think her bed calls for a blue and white quilt with pin wheels – don’t you?

We had the grand opening of it on Sunday with ribbon cut, finger sandwiches and bubbly cider. The girls had already slept up there that night but let’s not dwell on that.

We have the closet to finish as well in the attic but we have all the material for it – we’re saving the work for the weekend. I have a chest to sand and paint this weekend as well. Fingers crossed the temps rise a little so I can get to it.

It took 6 months and 3 days from start to move in which was a bit longer than we had anticipated but still not bad since we’ve worked full-time as well.


All that’s left for the girls to do now is find the favourite lounge spot. Isabel likes the sofa. Sofia prefers this for now.

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