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Sunday, April 24, 2011


We were celebrating Easter Saturday at my SIL's place. Her in-laws were also visiting so with kids we ended up being 14 people.

We were asked to bring some food to the table and we made a "matjesillstårta" (as in herring cake - not as bad as it sounds, in fact bloody delicious if I say so myself).

We went for a long walk/bike-ride in the morning. The girls rode their bikes and Rickard and I walked. I think it ended up being something like 5-6 km (3.5 miles) and I was a bit sore once we finally came home. (Silly me was wearing flip-flops and my soles aren't toughened yet.)

On our walk I had time to ponder the girls' dresses and I realised I wanted to make some bloomers for Sofia (and ideally for Isabel too) to wear underneath for modesty. I find that long walks are good for these ideas to turn up - and to be planned out.

When we came home I went upstairs and traced the Bedtime Story Pyjama Pants. I cut them off 3" below the leg notch and then cut them out from some creamy gorgeous cotton batiste I bought from a fellow O+S-junkie in the US.

To give them a nice finished edge I contemplated a ruffle, but ended up using one piece of lace I had got from my MIL a few years ago. It's hand crochet lace and it worked out wonderfully.


Sofia was mighty pleased with them and I liked their heirloom feel.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to make any for Isabel before we had to leave. But I think I'll use the Nature Walk Pants as a starting point for hers. I'm thinking adding the yoke to the pants leg and using a similar waistband as the pyjama pant. Maybe add a few 1/2 inches of width since that pattern is for stretchy fabric.

I have one more piece of lace that I could use to hem hers.


In the end Isabel wore a pair of cropped leggings and that worked well too.


I need to learn to factor in a few extra inches for length when I make dresses for Isabel. O+S dresses in size 10 fit her beautifully, but she needs an extra 2" or maybe even 3" for length.

Happy Easter!
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