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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So, the dresses that needed blogging?

Well, all I needed were buttons so I could sew the buttonholes.

I knew I had the perfect cream coloured buttons for the yellow dress and so I went to look for them. Turns out I only had five and I needed seven. Had I needed six I could have made adjustments, but two missing buttons were too much I think.

So I took a trip to the fabric store on my way to pick up the girls from grandpa and got some buttons. Naturally they sell them in packs of six so I had to get two sets.

I got one set of coconut buttons that would look seriously cool I think, and I also got two sets of MOP buttons, just to be on the safe side if none of them like the coconut buttons.

So why are there no pictures you ask?

Well, of course I forgot the dresses and the buttons at grandpa's when we drove home.

We're going to the grocery store tomorrow and I'll swing by their place on the way and pick the dresses up - as well as all the other stuff we forgot.

Instead I finished (almost) a set of Class Picnic Shirt and Shorts in French General.


I haven't hemmed the blouse as O+S-clothes tend to be a bit short on Isabel. I also need to sew in a tab in the back to help Isabel see which side is the front/back. Hence the needle.

I didn't have enough fabric for the yokes so I used a solid red French General for that and the elastic casings.


I used the same red for the facings on the shorts, but paired it with a mattress ticking in red and white.

The shorts look huge, but I can't check the fit on her as she is in bed sleeping.

Isabel wasn't sold on the top - she thought the colours were too dull and dark. I hope she'll come around.

Maybe it's too sophisticated for a 6 yo?
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