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Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, good morning!

I'm feeling slightly more rested today, but TGIF all the same.

Last night I checked Twitter and saw a tweet from Liesl of Oliver + S-fame. She was selling precut bundles of her new fabric line in her webshop.

I had to take a look of course and came away with two bundles. I think the latter of the two is my favourite and I hope to make an Ice Cream dress for Sofia from it. And I hope Isabel will want something from the reds.

We watched Doctor Who last night and it was so sad. We're up to the Human Nature/Family of Blood episodes and it was so heart wrenching to see the agony The Doctor felt when he had to change back to being a Time Lord. The episode was flawless in every way, script, filming, acting.

Tonight we're watching Blink which I have heard so much about (please don't spoil it for me if you've seen it).

I also finished up the bodices of the girls' Jump Rope Dresses - sorry no pictures yet, I haven't had time to upload them from the camera.
I hope I can finish them this afternoon. I pick the girls up early so maybe I can convince them to play upstairs so I can start on the skirts at least.
I really need to get some shopping done too so I plan to leave early and get it done before I pick them up. While I'm at the store I'm picking up some packages from Amazon I've been waiting for.

I'm eagerly awaiting my Lisette patterns as well. They were shipped over a week ago so they should arrive soon.

Tomorrow I hope we can get some laundry done and take a trip to town. I need to buy new shoes and a bra or two.
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