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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sewing report and Single Mom Days

Well, Saturday came and went and I spent most of it tracing patterns which I had promised myself I wouldn't have to since I was going to do that during the week before.

But it actually turned out fine. Sewing I can do during the weeks, but tracing patterns and grading them (guh! I graded the Jump Rope Dress for Isabel into a size 9/10 - successfully I might add!) I sure needed to do that undisturbed.)

So I made a toile for her of a size 8 first and it was as I suspected - a bit tight in the chest and tummy areas. So I set to work grading it as my aut taught me and I made a second toile.


I need to measure and fiddle a bit more on the point of the placket, but for a first and second attempt I'm quite pleased with it. It fit which is always a huge plus.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday I spent gorging myself on Doctor Who with Rickard. We got two thirds through the second season and after a recommendation from a friend we're finishing that and then moving on to Torchwood Season 1.
Her husband works at BBC America and had some inside knowledge that that was the way to go.

So next week the box set of Torchwood, seasons 1-3 will make its way home to us and we'll get started on that.
I found a good deal on seasons 1-4 of Doctor Who and seasons 1-3 of Torchwood that also included all the Doctor Who specials.

So sewing wise this week has been a bit of a drought. My husband is away on a business trip and won't return until tomorrow night and suddenly being a single mom with all the activities of the children puts sewing a bit on the back burner.

I have sewn in a zipper in Sofia's coat- Very temporarily. I'm not sure it will stay in, but at least she'll be able to keep it closed up a little better while it lasts. After all we're almost half way through March and I can feel it's getting a bit warmer in the air.

Next chore - pink some fabric and throw it in the wash.
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