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Thursday, March 17, 2011


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The prize is really cool too.

I was watching live images from Japan on Friday and it's just all so surreal.
It's almost the same feeling I got on 9/11 when one thing happened after the other and it all felt like a bad action movie.
Well, this feels like a bad and over-the-top disaster movie.

Watching the live footage as the waters rushed in over land, seeing busses and cars driving to get away and realising that this is people dying *right now*, I'm watching and I can do absolutely nothing about it. It's a horrible feeling.
Not to mention all the troubles they are having with their nuclear power plants. Looks like a break cannot be caught there.

I'm old enough to remember the Chernobyl-accident in 1986. I live in Sweden and we had radiation reports on tv for months after. There are areas in northern Sweden that were quarantined and berry picking and mushroom picking there was prohibited for years.
This is a completely different situation, mostly because the power plants produce power via different methods.
But it's also different because there are so many reactors affected, and reading the news is hard because it's difficult to determine was news sources are reporting correctly and what sources are just out to scare me. Here is one article that I found slightly reassuring.
But then things have changed since.

I keep thinking about the heroes working to regain control over the power plants and I admire theirs and their families' sacrifice. Even though I'm working and getting on with my life, they are in the back of my mind at all time.
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