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Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting stuff done ...

Yay! Torchwood season 1 seen all the way through.

Now we can get back to The Doctor (and mr Tennant)

I'm working from home tomorrow and I'm looking forward to lounging around in my yoga pants. I have a Greek translation to do layout control of. It'll take all day.

I sewed up parts of a Jump Rope Dress for Isabel tonight. I made a button placket that looks awesome! Tomorrow I'm doing the same on a dress for Sofia so I'll be at the same place on both dresses. That way I can finish them together.

I need to make room for my serger though. It's stashed away because I needed room to trace patterns.

I really should make time to sew more often. We've/I've been so caught up in The Doctor and Torchwood (not that that's gonna change any time soon) that I haven't made time to sew as well.

But now I have two dresses cut out and two pair of pants for the girls and I have a bag to make for myself. I just have to decide on measurements first.

I hope I can make it bigger on the inside ...
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