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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My "Projects I want to do"-list

I just need to get this down in writing somewhere and then get back to it. Links later.

To do this week (week 10)
Pink fabric and fabric and pre-wash (reds from Pink Chalk and the reds from City Weekend)
Jump Rope Dress - cut a size 9/10 for Isabel - I need to decide on fabric with her
New Leaf Folding Tote - already cut out and ready to go - needs interfacing cut too
Get my pants done - waistband and taper legs and hem

Oliver + S
Jump Rope Dress for Isabel from Flora & Fauna (make a toile first)
School Photo Dress or Jump Rope Dress for Sofia from red CW

From Little Things to Sew
Tutu for Isabel
Bento Box Carrier for me (For my hexes project)
Bento Box Carrier for Sofia/Isabel
Messenger Bag for me - Canvas fabric with girl silhouettes
Messenger Bag for Isabel
Messenger Bag for Sofia
Tea Party Dress for Sofia's doll
Tea Party Dress for Isabel's doll
Bear carrier for Isabel
Bear carrier for Sofia

Other patterns
Mini Kyoko dress for Sofia's doll
Mini Kyoko dress for Isabel's doll
Mini Frida + pants for Sofia's doll
Mini Frida + pants for Isabel's doll
Pink Chalk Mail Sack for me

Sewing to get stuff off the table
Färg och Form project bag from the fabric with hearts
Fabric napkins
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