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Friday, October 8, 2010

{blogtoberfest 2010 day 8} Winter upgrade

Library card generator from blyberg.net

I'm picking the girls up (at 2 pm! - Yay for Fridays!!) and I promised them fika in town today.
Rickard decided to take some time off this afternoon and meet us in town. Double-yay!

We have to upgrade the winter wardrobe for the girls. Isabel got a lovely purple coat last weekend, but she still needs new boots and jeans and leggings/stockings.
Today she wore a skirt and capri leggings with socks. It looked cold.

It also looks like I'll have to get Sofia a new coat as well. I can't find the one Isabel had at that age. I'll have to look again tomorrow.

I could use a new pair of gloves since I tore my old pair apart.

I also want to go to the home decoration/kitchen store and drool over the Le Creuset pots that I don't really need, but covet to no end.
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