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Monday, October 18, 2010

{blogtoberfest 2010 day 18}

I started tracing the Birthday Party dress from Oliver + S for Sofia yesterday.

I have been a bit intimidated by the pattern. It has three scissors and is supposed to be a bit harder than the other patterns.
I made a Puppet Show Tunic for Sofia this summer and that was a three scissor pattern, so maybe it's not a huge deal.

I hate it when I'm coming over to a friend who says "You're welcome to come over, but please ignore the mess." And when I come over the place is spotless.

I told my friend who's coming over tonight that our place is messy, but yesterday we managed to get some cleaning done.

I finally got around to really vacuum under our beds. Rickard lifted one mattress on top of the other so it was easier.

I also changed the sheets in all the beds at once. I usually stagger it so that I change the girls' beds but not ours. Mostly for laundry purposes. But not this time.

I also put Sofia's duvet into the cover. She has complained about being cold and wanted lots of blankets and quilts. But when she's too warm at night she starts to cough so it's a fine line to tread.

So tonight when we get home I'll get some laundry done. Hopefully I can swing by the store on my way home to get some more yoghurt for the girls' breakfast tomorrow.
We also need some sort of supper.
And I have ground meat in the fridge that needs to be taken care of - I'm making meatloaf.

I also cleared the kitchen last night and this morning I emptied the dishwasher and loaded what was dirty, so the kitchen is still cleared.

I hope she's not intimidated.
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