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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{blogtoberfest 2010 day 19} work stuffs

I have a looming deadline at work that I fear I will not meet. I'm dependent on one or more coworker for parts of it and one is out of the country for two weeks, the other is out of the country for two weeks followed by five weeks up north where he's hard to reach. A third coworker was out of the office today, working on site with some testing. And the fourth was working from home.

I have to have a manual written by Friday, and I have only got about 75 % of the material I need, and 50% of the directions I need. Two of them will be back tomorrow, so I think I'll set up camp in our work shop and pester the crew there.

I sort of want to have it done, not only so I meet the deadline, but also because I'll be sort of single parenting for the next three weeks. I need some buffers in case one of the girls get sick.

Next week R will be away three days. The week after that he'll be away two days and the week after that, five days. Not really looking forward to it, but we'll manage.

I have a sewing class on Wednesday next week, but my mum has promised to watch the kidlets and put them to bed that night. It's also her half day at work, so maybe she'll be able to pick the girls up from school/daycare.
I'm making pants for me at the sewing class. I made a toile the other day to make sure they'll fit. I need to add about 1/2 inch on all four sideseams to be sure but it looks good.

Maybe this will free up some mental room to make a few dresses for the girls. At least I hope so.
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