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Saturday, October 30, 2010

{blogtoberfest 2010 day 30}

Missed another day yesterday, but at least I've blogged more here in the past month than I have in like - ever.

I'm quilting today. I have the day "off" from the family and I went to town with my mom (her suggestion) to get a pair of boots for Isabel and to get some errands done.
But this afternoon and evening I've been sewing up a quilt top for Sofia.

I have the center seam left then it's done, I think. I'm still debating whether or not to put border on it and if I decide to do that I have to decide how they're gonna look.

I used a free pattern from Oh Fransson called New Wave. I loved the look of it, but all those seams are tough to match for a n00b like me.

I'll have to see if I can live with it otherwise Ill have to do something about it.

We had the best garlic and lemon chicken for dinner and I want some ice cream, but I think I'll wait until the girls are in bed.

They are eagerly waiting for some Trick or Treaters (kids in Sweden are a bit unsure of when to go Trick or Treating and some years we had TorT for three days in a row.) but it looks like none are coming today.

I think a cup of coffee would be nice right about now, and I'll see about that ice cream too I think.

Also, Happy Nameday to my darling Isabel.
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