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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{blogtoberfest 2010 day 27}

So the girls were both really good last night. No fighting and almost no bickering. We drove to town to buy my Big Girl new winter boots.
I aimed for a quick in and out procedure and that's what we got. We left the school at 4:30 pm and we were back home at 5:25 pm. I'd call that success.

I got her a warm pair of snow boots. Like these. I had thought size 34 would be enough for her but she thought they were a bit too snug and hurt her toes so we sized up.
She's 6 years old and wears size 35 boots. Silly.

Then I showed her these boots. I like them a lot but her first comment was "They're Big Girl shoes".
I'm thinking they would make a nice Christmas present for her.

Once we got back home they wanted to help out with dinner and I actually let them (Go me!). They sliced up the sausage and Little Sister set the table and Big Sister opened up the can of beans and heated them.

Once they were gone eating they went to the shower when I asked them (Who are you and what have you done with my kids?) and took a quick shower.

Some Robin Hood on the xBox/movie computer later and then bedtime.

I had big plans on sewing buttonholes in the blouse and dress I had made for them, but the machine was in one of its moods and just blew raspberries at me and refused to cooperate.
I'll have to try another evening.
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