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Sunday, October 10, 2010

{blogtoberfest 2010 day 10} Korv (Sausage) Stroganoff - recipe

This is a staple dish in our home. Korv Stroganoff, or Sausage Stroganoff. It bears a slight resemblance to a famous Russian dish called Beef Stroganoff - but the two are really not all that much alike any more. Not in our case anyway.

Aaany who.

You will need:


One ring of Falukorv (sausage). Onions and/or leeks. I used both because I had a leek in the fridge that I kept forgetting to use.
Garlic is nice in this. Crushed tomatoes/tomato sauce and creme fraiche. Some butter or oil to fry in, I use a liquid cooking margarine that I like. Roasted peppers from a jar - cause it was in the fridge and my littlest one doesn't like too much tomatoes.
Some dijon mustard is nice and I spiced it up with some left over sauce made from the peppers and some creme fraiche from the day before. This can easily be left out.


Peel the onions.


No need for any fancy dicing. I just cut them in three length and crosswise.


Heat up some butter in a dutch oven. Let it melt but not burn.


Cut the ends off the leek.


Make a slice down the center of the leek but not all the way through to the back. Just deep enough to open up all the layers so you can rinse it thoroughly.


Slice it up roughly because by now the butter will be hot in the pan.


Put the leeks and onions in the pan and soften them.


Peel a few garlic cloves. I have two in the picture, but I ended up using only one which was a mistake. This dish needs garlic. However many you use, peel them and grate them into the onions directly in the pan.


Take the plastic skin off the sausage (if you use falukorv) - or better yet, practise some zen and have your 6 year old help in the kitchen. This is an ok job for them. Make sure they can behave around knives before you let them join you though.


This is me slicing the sausage with the big knife.


And this is me showing you to cut it into nine pieces.


And this is her meticulously cutting the sausage up the way I showed her.


Once she is done throw the sausage pieces into the pot and give it a stir so the sausage doesn't stick to the bottom. Pour in about 2-3 cups of water to start off the sauce making.


Ask her not to eat the sausage uncooked and watch her do it anyway. (It's safe, the sausage is smoked so it's all good.)


Dice up the roasted peppers. Make sure to let them drip a little as the liquid they're in is a bit vinegary. Add the peppers to the pot.


Open up a carton of tomatoes. I love this stuff, it's instant sauce with none of the calories. But the little one loathe food with tomato sauce because it's too sharp so ...


I pour in some tomatoes and then ...


I please her by adding a dollop of creme fraiche.


And maybe one more. And also some more water if it looks like it can take it.


Salt and pepper to taste. Don't skimp on the pepper.


Give it all a good stir and let it simmer for a bit.

And don't do what I do, but remove the spoon from the pot so you don't boil the spoon. This is especially important with wooden and plastic spoons.


While the sausage is simmering start boiling some water for pasta.

To speed things up I usually pour a small amount of water into the pasta pot and then fill up the water kettle and speed boil that.
I find that if I put the kettle boiled water into a cold pot it cools too much so it's good to have some water boiling in the pot already.


Add salt to the pasta water. And put a lid on.


Add a nice dollop of dijon mustard to the sausage.


Give it a stir. And remember to remove the spoon! (Gah!)


Once the water boils in the kettle pour it into the pasta pot and once it's all boiling happily add the pasta.
I used Capellini which is a quick cooking pasta that is something between spaghetti and angel hair pasta. (See the spoon/fork - out of the water!)


Drain the pasta and serve it with the sauce.


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