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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


One of the pups fell asleep on Sofia's lap

When Rickard and Sofia visited MIL's new puppy on Monday they got to meet her brothers as well. Puppy has two older brothers who are both up for sale, and then there is Helmer - her little brother.

He was born last and is not for sale. He's teeny tiny compared to his siblings, he's blind and most likely brain damaged. He only sort of shuffles around in circles.
Rickard wasn't sure they would let him live, which I thought was a pitty.

Sofia held him on her lap and Helmer enjoyed her strokes and cuddles and quickly fell asleep.

She desperately wanted to bring him home.

But if we can't make room and time for a healthy pup we certainly shouldn't bring home one who has special needs - no matter how much I'm tempted.
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