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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This is from my favourite books to read to Sofia.

Mother Moo and the Crow

It's about a very special cow called Mamma Mu (Mummy Moo) and her friend Crow.

Mamma Mu isn't like other cows. She likes to climb trees and build a tree house. Much to Crow's dismay.
He tries to convince Mamma Mu that cows.don't.climb.trees.

He has little luck and in the end has to admit that Mamma Mu really could build a tree house.But of course he points out that she's bent a few nails. "Well , it's so hard to see where you hammer when you hold the hammer with your tail" Mamma Mu replies.

And of course he has to make one too just to show her he can. And of course the Crow's castle he builds is bigger and better and leaves him exhausted.


He scuttles off to his Crow's nest and Mamma Mu climbs into her tree house and sits there pondering how it doesn't matter if a nail or two gets bent. It's still a tree house.

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