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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


No, it's not us who is getting a puppy.

When I met Rickard way back when they had just had to put their dog Mimi down.
She was old and a bit sick and it was just her time.

I thought for sure the would get another dog but the years went on and my parents-in-law settled in without a dog.

It came up occasionally but in the end the timing was off.

Then my SIL married a guy who has a dachshund and they bought a house not far from her parents so they take care of that dog fairly often, though less often now than before.

So one day my MIL met a lady with a collie while out on a walk and suddenly she realised that the time was right to get a dog now that they are both retired.

So this little collie girl is coming to stay with them in a few weeks.
She's still too little to leave her mum but in another two weeks we all get to meet her.

Rickard and Sofia went to visit yesterday with my MIL and Sofia was smitten.

I hope we get to borrow the pup once she's settled and a little older. It would be fun. For all of us.
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