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Monday, August 12, 2013

We have a hit a wall – in a good way

Dividing wall going up. Soon here'll be two rooms. #attic2013

Yesterday the dividing wall between the girls’ rooms went up. Rickard and his dad began the morning with going to the hardware store and get insulation for the wall.

After a break for coffee they went up and started on the final construction. They quit working by 2 pm and by then the wall was done.

It is up! #attic2013

I won’t be able to get good pictures now. The dividing wall makes it hard to get a good angle.

The nicest part now is that we aren’t particularly dependent on any hired workmen. The plumber will need to come back here to connect the radiators, but if he should be a day or two later than we had hoped it’s not a big deal. Same with the electrician.

This week the girls are off at Camp Grandmapa and we are a bit undecided on how to proceed. We could patch and sand the walls (a huge job), or we could try and put up the ceiling drywall together in the evenings since we are now both back at work.

Or we could just take a break for the week. Go see a movie, fika och go out to dinner. We haven’t decided.

Next week the girls start school and I have a week off. The plan is that my dad and I will do the patching and sanding then. But it would have been nice to have the ceiling done .. we’ll see.

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