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Friday, August 2, 2013

Attic project

Day 2

Like I said in my last post our attic project started up the day after Isabel's birthday. Rickard and his dad teamed up and put up some wind-proofing cloth before moving on to insulation (220 mm of it).

Day 4

Once all the walls were insulated they put in a hatch to the new fourth floor (or is it the third floor?) and then nailed down the floor to the new attic (or attic-attic as we have started calling it).

Day 5

A few days later the entire space was encapsulated in plastic film and then the studs to hold the drywall/plasterboard/gypsum were put up.

Day 13

Yesterday they started putting up the interior walls so we could get a feel for if the outline of the rooms we had done would work. Which it did. The girls are very excited for the space to be habitable. Which will be a few more months though I'm afraid.

Today Rickard and his Father is ordering the drywall for a Tuesday/Wednesday delivery, the electrician is coming to have a look at the diagrams we've made to make sure it's done correctly. And then I think they'll start laying down the cables for the electricity.

I have conveniently (?) gone back to work so I am not there to see it all happen. I get to see it all when I get home at night. I have two more weeks to work before school starts for the girls. Then I have taken a week off - I think I will be patching the walls and sanding them that week. At least I hope I can do that.

With the speed they've set it may already be done by then.

Pictures from the build goes up in this public Flickr-set.
And if you are on Instagram you can search for #attic2013 - most of the pictures should be mine.
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