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Thursday, August 8, 2013

#attic2013 – update


Well, once the drywall sheets were inside on Tuesday, Rickard and FIL started putting them up on the walls.

Both slanted walls were done on Tuesday night and when I arrived home last night (Wednesday) both bedroom nooks were finished


Sofia’s lower wall is put up as well, and her room is pretty much done.


Isabel’s room will take a little longer because we can’t really get any further until the Plumber Guy has been there to connect the pipes for the radiators.


They will run inside the wall all along her wall and around to the gable where the radiators will be mounted underneath each window.

The dividing wall can’t go up until the pipes are in so we’re waiting to hear back from the Plumber Guy. We were hoping he would show today but we don’t know.

There is plenty of other stuff to do though. The hatches can be put in on Sofia’s side and the stair well needs insulation and drywall.

I’m super impressed with how quickly they have come to this point. While I know there is far to go and we are only about half way it almost feels like we’re pretty much done.

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