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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stand still

The attic work has hit a stand still since Rickard (and I) is back at work. We took time off on Monday night to have a fika in town then another break yesterday for dinner and a movie.

Both girls are at their grandparents’ so we have a whole week to ourselves.

Tonight I need to go to the shops and start on Isabel’s back-to-school tunic that I promised her I’d have finished. I would like to get a dress made for Sofia but she declared that she was going to wear her white Pinwheel dress and tunic for her first day of school so I may be off the hook.

Maybe just something new for picture day … Although – she does have a new School Photo dress that I haven’t let her wear.

I have taken the week off next week to pick them up early from school and to patch and sand the attic walls with my father.

We also need to put up the drywall in the ceiling but I think Rickard plans to do that with his dad this weekend.

I plan to take a trip down south with the girls on Saturday to visit Kåseberga and Kivik. We currently have a visitor that I want to take with me.

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