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Saturday, August 24, 2013

More attic work

It’s been a bit quiet here lately. I’ve been off work this week and you’d think I would have had time to update but quite the contrary.

I’ve spent all week elbow deep in plaster and putty in our attic.

My dad came to help out and with his help, Rickard and I have the entire attic floor plastered. We’re waiting for it to dry over night so Rickard can sand it tomorrow.

I love the floorplan we came up with and the girls are very happy that we are doing it all for them. There has been no complaints about us not being able to go places together.

We’ve tried tomplan movie nights and shorter outings together but it’s been very much a staycation for us all this summer. Not counting Greece in June – although that was before the building started.

I’m looking forward to having the sanding done. No matter how we try to contain it the dust gets in everywhere.

Once the sanding is done we can vacuum and have most of it gone. Then we get to the fun part. Painting, floors and furnishing.

It’s all going according to plan. No big hold ups yet.

Since I’ve not just stood on the sidelines for this part there are not a lot of pictures. And even if there were they would all mostly be dust-grey.

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