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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


For years and years I was a nail biter. I have worn off some of the enamel on my teeth from biting my nails since I was a kid.

I tried lots of things to stop. Painted on that stuff that tastes vile - didn't work. Put on nail varnish to make them pretty to stop myself - didn't work.
For our wedding 12 years ago I had acrylic nails made - that was gorgeous but it destroyed my own nails and it took weeks to get them back to normal after I had the fake ones removed.

I'm not really sure what's happened these past few years - maybe I've finally grown up or at least out of it.

Before and after - trying out shellac for the first time. #loveit

What happens now though is that they split and chip easily so yesterday I tried out shellac on them. I figured it would strengthen them a bit.
I've read loads about shellac online. People say it lasts two weeks or more so I wanted to give it a go. The nail studio was just around the corner and there's a foot specialist as well there so I got a pedicure while I was at it.

I chose a French manicure. Partly because I think it looks good in summer when you're a bit tanned on your hands. Partly because I don't normally "do" nail polish. This is a nice natural look.

So far I love it! We'll see in a week's time when I have a bit of growth.

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