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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gothenburg - impromptu

Since Rickard and I both work more or less full time it's rare that I can take the girls along with him when he goes out of town on business.

This week was different though as I'm still on vacation. I've have 5 weeks off and this is my 6th last week before I get back to work on Monday.

6 am-roadtrip.

Rickard had to be in Gothenburg at 9 am so in order to drop us off first we had to leave before 6 am.

The girls were great and ate a bowl of soured milk without fuss before getting in the car for the trip. I had packed breakfast boxes for them both and they got them at 7 am.

Funky playground at Gothenburg's Garden Society

We were dropped off in town and with the help of Google Maps we made out way to the Garden Society to have a look at their Palm House.
They weren't opened when we got there so the girls played for a while at the playground next to it.

The Palm House

The Palm House was built in the late 1800s and is really five greenhouses built together. In one of them there are water plants. Among others a rare Victoria water lily that only blooms at night.

Forgotten Wings

I loved this sculpture of angel wings "left behind" on Earth by some fallen angel maybe.

After The Palm House I coaxed the girls into coming with me almost all the way back to where we began for some brunch at Eva's Paley.


I had been there before with an old co-worker of mine - sadly she passed away a few years ago. We had a sandwich and some cake to fortify us for the walk to Liseberg. A big amusement park in town.


It was a bit of a walk but the sight of the Liseberg Wheel cheered us up.

I have more pics from Liseberg, but they are still uploading. Check back tomorrow for that post.
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