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Tuesday, August 14, 2012



I love heirlooms. Especially the kind you can use and have out so you can enjoy it daily.

Last week my grandmother pulled out two of these top sheets that she made for her wedding in the mid 1940's.
She hemmed the sheets herself and did the monogram and I haven't asked her but I am pretty sure she did the lace herself as well.

They are thick and not very worn so I don't think she's used them very much.

They are monogrammed in cross stitch with A L A for Annie and Axel Larsson.

They are both rather wide and I plan to use them as backing on a quilt (two separate quilts to be exact). I'm thinking about using the lace as part of the binding on the top edge.
I think if I fold down the top over the batting then fold the lace over the top and batting then bind the edges could work.

We'll see. I hope the background fabric I plan to use will turn up in the mail this week - and I hope I won't have to battle the grocery store for it - again.
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