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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Work load

We are gardening today

We did a bit of gardening today.

By "we" I mean Rickard. I sat in the shade in our new lawn chair and sipped my coffee and entertained our 5 year-old.

We have a big patch of strawberries that has yielded lots of berries this year but the leaves have all been eaten off by some unknown creature.
Berry season is over now and Rickard decided to cut down the stems and we'll see if the new leaves that are already sprouting will be left alone.

The flower beds were also full of weeds that have been left to grow undisturbed that he pulled out and it's looking really nice now.

He also mowed the lawn. We have two huge patches of clover in the lawn that just won't go away, and lots and lots of weeds with yellow flowers that crawl just under grass level and escapes the mower. Once the grass is cut the yellow flowers stands up and can easily be seen.
But no matter how much he pulls them out they always come back.

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