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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Day Out

2012-07-01 11.12.31

On Sunday, to celebrate that Isabel had come home from camp we went to visit the City Museum at Malmöhus (or Malmö Castle).

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2012-07-01 12.29.13

The castle is built in the old western parts of town and it houses a permanent exhibit of fish and one for nocturnal animals, an exhibit of how Scania was created geologically as well as a permanent exhibit of the castle dungeons and grand gallery.

2012-07-01 12.00.49

There are also often travelling exhibits. We've seen Inca gold there among other things. The big one we found here was an exhibit of old school room posters - some we even had in class when we were in school.

Some were blatantly racist and would not have worked in school today.

2012-07-01 11.57.11

We found this somewhat iconic image (at least in Sweden). It's Erik XIV, first son of Gustav Wasa (the first of his name) and his young wife Karin Månsdotter, she was only 15 when they married.
Erik was traditionally believed to have been poisoned in 1577 by his brother using poisoned split pea soup, but records are unclear.

The other visiting exhibit was a nice surprise. It was called Waistless Fashion and exhibited dresses from the 1920s once owned by prominent Malmö women.

2012-07-01 12.11.54

I'll upload more pictures to this set on Flickr.

2012-07-01 12.34.52

After the fashion exhibit we visited the dungeons and then made it upstairs to the King's apartment. When Scania was Danish the Danish kings used the castle as their residence when they visited Malmö.
But once Sweden took over Scania in 1658 it lost its status as a royal residence and was later used as a prison.
The Earl of Bothwell (3rd husband of Mary Queen of Scots) was imprisoned here for 5 years. (Which I didn't know until I started writing this post.)

2012-07-01 12.36.26

The King's Chamber still contains the bed the King used to sleep in.


I'm not sure if the King was very short or if he just used to sit up in bed ... It looks mildly uncomfortable.

2012-07-01 13.58.05

As we left the castle restaurant the Museum tram arrived at its stop just outside the gates and the girls and I hopped on to take the tram the short distance from the Castle to the City Library which is the only stretch of street with rails left in town.

I have more pictures posted on Flickr here.
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