I have moved

You can mostly find me here these days instead. I'll do cross-posting for a while longer though.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Cleaned up the kitchen window. Got a cute retro radio for the window too.

I found this cute retro looking radio at a local store - actually I think it may be found in the UK too - Clas Ohlson?

The girls were splurging with their piggy bank and birthday money and I splurged on a radio for the kitchen window.

It's one of those places at home where stuff accumulates. I try to keep it neat but it's so hard.

Now I cleaned the window, and cleared the shelf so I could hook up my iPod to it.

I dropped the iPod at the sports utilities store yesterday and cracked the screen but it's still working. I have sent in a quote request at the repair centre but I do not think it will be affordable. I am tres sad.
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