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Thursday, July 26, 2012



I bought a kit of 33 colours of DMC embroidery floss a month ago. They delivered two skeins of each colours and they have been muddled up in a box while I tried to figure out a way to store them for easy use.

Then we did some changes to the girls' play table down stairs and this paper roll holder was left over.

I cut off the legs protruding backwards and screwed some hooks into it to hang it on the wall.

The dowel comes off and I spent all of Tuesday night  organising my skeins.


I love how it turned out. It's easily accessible and I kept the original labels so I can easily see what's running low. Plus there is room for more colours if I want to expand it.

The little shelf in front keeps the floss in place, plus it's a great place to store needles, a spare pair of scissors and a thimble.
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