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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Television recording!!!

Every summer after schools end Swedish television airs a special summer vacation show for slightly older kids.

For the past three years this show has been produced in Malmö and they air live from a specially built boat down at the Docks.

This year the boat is called Rockan (transl. The Stingray), which rhymes with Dockan which is the name of the city blocks where they boat is moored.

The taping/airing is open for all who wants to visit and on Monday morning we drove down there to see if the girls could get some seats and see how television was made.

Sofia got bored quickly but they had gotten seats in the bleachers and couldn't really move so she was forced to stay where she was.
We stood up on the docks and had no way of reaching them while they aired.

It was fun to watch at home in the evening and see all the stuff we had seen in the morning.

You can catch it here if you're curious. That's the show we saw.

It's kind of hard to see the girls if you don't know where they are and even if you do it's hard to see them.

When they are filming the Greco-Roman style wrestler the girls are in the bleachers to the right in the frame. Sofia wore a pink Hello Kitty hat - but like I said it's hard to really see them.
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