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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Go East

We left Malmö with overcast skies and threatening rain clouds this morning. 20 km outside town we drove into a wall of rain. And I mean that literally.

It rained heavily for a few minutes maybe 5 kms then we passed out of it and into my favourite part of the world.

Through the rain - the Sun shines on the other side

The clouds were breaking up and blue skies were peeking through.

We stopped briefly in Ystad which is at the southern most tip of Sweden and the start of an area of Skåne called Österlen. Rickard did his military service in Ystad, his paternal grandparents farmed not far from the town here and my father's family is from the area as well.


To say that it feels like home to us is an understatement.

We try to take a drive down here a few times each summer and when I come into money* I will buy an old house here and retire. ;-)

Ystad is full of these old houses. Too bad they cost an arm and a leg. And probably part of your torso as well to buy.

I might even buy this house.

Kåseberga Harbour - perfect place for an ice cream and kippers. Not at once.

After Ystad we continued on to Kåseberga Harbour. It's an old fishing village at the foot of a high hill. At the top of the hill is Ales Stenar.

We usually park in the harbour but it was full today so we drove back up the hills and parked the car before taking a walk to the harbour.

Cured sausage and feta cheese spread of Persian sesame bread.

We stopped at a picnic table at the top of the hill and ate our packed lunch. It was warm in the sunshine and I was regretting my choice of pants (black jeans).

After lunch Rickard took the girls down to the harbour to buy ice cream before we packed up and left.

This is Skåne

I snapped this picture while we drove. It's quintessentially Skåne to me.

All-you-can-eat cake and cookie buffet

Before driving home we stopped at Mossby Kaffestuga (Mossby Coffee Cottage) for some coffee and an all you can eat cake and cookie buffet.

There are several of these Kaffestuga spread all over this part of Skåne where they serve buffets of cakes and cookies.

My favourite is Annorlunda (meaning Different) on the Eastern coast of Skåne, but it's so far to drive. Mossby works well too, and it has a great playground for the girls.

We were completely beat when we came back home and dinner was cancelled because we were all so full from all the buns and cakes and cookies.

* Sadly there is no trust fund or any other kinds of money I can "come in to" so I will have to keep my hopes up with the lottery tickets .. too bad I never buy them ...
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