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Monday, November 25, 2013


After two weeks of inactivity we finally got to finish the paint job in the attic. The walls are all painted now – we ran out of paint with a wall and a half left in the stairwell and had to thin it out with water to make it last.

It worked.

Rickard masked off the wall so I could start painting the pink focus wall in Sofia’s room. It was really very pink. The name of the shade was Flamingo and it’s a suitable name.

Flamingo Pink

I have promised her gold circles or stars (she can’t make up her mind) on the left half of the wall where her bed will go. I’m not sure how to go about it but I’m sure it can’t be all that difficult.

We only got to one coat on Saturday because we were otherwise engaged in the afternoon and evening (more on that in another post). But Sunday morning, bright and early .. well – at 11 am because we over slept – I got up there again and painted a second coat before I started on Isabel’s blue wall.


And it is as blue as Sofia’s wall is pink. This shade is called Grekland (Greece) and it looked hideous in the can but I actually really like it. In the picture I’ve only done one coat. After the second coat the colour really pops. I have a package of big paper pom poms in blues and greens I plan to give Isabel for Christmas along with a string of Happy Lights in blues.

Sofia will also get a string of Happy lights but I’ve not yet decided on what colour scheme to get her.

Both girls have approved of the colours and we are moving ahead with installing the inspection hatches in the walls so we can insulate around them and put up some mouldings.

We’re also trying to co-ordinate with the plumber guy who’ll install the radiators. We want him to do that before we put down the floor boards.

It’s all moving along nicely.

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