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Friday, November 8, 2013

Attic update

We’re picking up the floor for the attic today. So there will be package carrying tonight, I think. One pack contains 3 sq meters of floor boards and I’m pretty sure it weighs a ton. I’m not sure if we can manage to get them upstairs together. But we’ll try.

We have one wall left in Isabel’s room to paint the first coat on, and the whole hall and stairwell. Then we’ll give it a second coat and it will be done.

Well, we’re painting accent walls as well so not exactly done. Sofia will get a bright pink and Isabel a bright blue.

The floor is oak parquet, in a similar style to what we have downstairs. Like this but without the yellow overcast:

Playtime leggings from @oliverands. My first really successful knits project. #hurrah #size8 #playtime

We’re waiting on a plumber to come connect the radiators for us. Since they are water filled we don’t want to lay the floor until he’s been here.

The rooms are starting to look like proper rooms too. I can’t wait to start move the girls in, but we still have a long way to go. We need doors and window sills, base boards, electricity etc. But we’re seeing the end of it.

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