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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


In these days of short-lived tv-shows (Firefly anyone?) it’s no small feat to have a tv-show last 50 years.

I came to Doctor Who late and I haven’t seen any of the Classic Who episodes (other than the very first episode and a short bit of the first episode of the Third Doctor).

I wrote the local cinema about a month ago to inquire if they were going to show it but I got a standardised reply back telling me “to keep an eye out – maybe it will turn up at a later date”. Luckily the Science Fiction book-store managed to convince an independent cinema to show it and in my town they hosted three sold out viewings on Saturday and Sunday. I managed to score tickets to the first viewing of them.


There was a TARDIS, a Dalek and a Cyberman set up in the lobby of the cinema and there was a throng of people both in and out of costume who lined up in a very orderly fashion since there was no pre-assigned seating. We got great seats and I loved the atmosphere in the theatre. Everyone seemed to be there determined to have a great time and everyone was excited about being part of this.

The sort of cheesy PSAs at the beginning with Commander Strax telling us about proper cinema etiquette and turning our mobile communications devices off was met with laughter and cheers as well as the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors’ information about the 3D-glasses.

There was a very climactic moment near the end when the whole theatre exploded in cheers as we saw a distinctive pair of eyes and eyebrows, as well as a sweet sentimental out-pouring of emotion when a well-known face from the past turned up.

The most difficult part of the evening was keeping a straight face as we exited the theatre right next to the line of people getting in to see the second viewing. No spoilers, please.

We drove straight home to find the BBC had released not only a teaser trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas Special (Daleks! Cybermen!) but also a teaser for the new Sherlock series 3!

It’s going to be a busy season.

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