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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lazy Saturday

We had a rainy and dreary day here today.

I spent most of it running errands dropping off and picking up kids.

Isabel went geocaching with her hiking group but since they were doing that in the little wooded area behind her school she dropped herself off via bike. It felt weird seeing her off from the front steps. Going hiking on her own.

It rained most of the time so they cut the day short and she was home, wet and cold almost an hour earlier than expected.

I can still remember coming home from a rainy day in the woods and sinking into a hot bath to warm up then lounging in sweatpants and a tee the rest of the day. Glorious.

The fact that I finished her new leggings as she was in her bath didn’t go amiss either. She was very pleased, even though they weren’t a perfect fit. Too short in the leg and too high in the rise.

Back to drafting for me.

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