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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Once the girls’ rooms were painted I realised I had lots of blue and pink paint left over and so I do what you do when you’re bitten by a bug. I looked around to see what else I could get away with painting.

I settled on the closet the girls will use for their clothes and for storage.

They’ll each get one side of it and I measured out where the shelf and rack will be and marked off an 80 cm wide strip to paint in their respective wall colours.


I did it all by the book. I masked off the area I wanted to paint, then painted over the tape with the original wall colour so that if anything was to seep in underneath the tape it would be the wall colour.

Then I painted it all twice and took of the tape immediately. There were a few minor mistakes but they were all on the upper edge and will be hidden by the shelf once it’s installed.

I’m already looking for a new painting project. Our bedroom is looking like a likely target.

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