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Saturday, September 21, 2013

We are away this weekend


My SIL has a birthday this weekend and has rented a house and invited us all to celebrate. It’s not even an hour away from home so when Isabel asked to go to a school dance on Friday night we figured we could make it work. We wouldn’t be all that late arriving even of she went to the dance and we didn’t leave until after 7 pm.

The sun was setting to our left as we drove north and the (just past) full moon was rising to our right. It was amazing.


This morning after breakfast we took a walk on the beach and collected sea shells and just enjoyed the nice weather. The dogs enjoyed being able to run free on the beach.


The beach was full of pinkish and cream coloured shells of all sizes. We all got back with bags full of them.


My niece picked a flower and made me a ring. Sweet thing.

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