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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Don’t mind me – I’ll just lie down and crash over here

Thursdays are shaping up to be a bit hectic this autumn. Sofia has dance class at 4:40 pm in town and Isabel plays the flute at 6:15 pm 15 minutes via car from home, in Oxie.

Isabel needs to be driven there so with a bit of creative planning I can manage to be home and hand over the car to Rickard at 5:45 pm so he can take Isabel to her class.

Today however, he is busy with a work thing all evening so I have to make it work myself. Thus I pick up both girls at school at 4 pm. Drive to town and get Sofia ready for dance. Then Isabel and I will go to Subway and get her a sandwich for dinner and buy one for Sofia to eat later. Then back to the studio to pick Sofia up. Drive to Oxie where Isabel will play the flute and Sofia will eat her sandwich.

Then I have a lovely parcel waiting for me at the grocery store from Amanda (at least I hope it’s from her) that we will have to pick up before we can finally drive home and do a cursory cleaning job in prep for tomorrow when both girls will have friends with them home from school and Isabel’s friend is staying over.

Isabel cleaned up her room the other day and it’s still looking good, but Sofia’s room is a disaster area and needs to be cleared or she won’t have any room to play with her friend.

Once the cleaning is done I hope to make myself some dinner while the girls veg out in front of the tv/do home work and maybe then I can finish Sofia’s dress that I started last night.

To add to all the delights of my coming evening, I have a sore throat and a stuffed nose and I pretty much just want to fall into my bed and sleep for a day.

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