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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let’s settle this

I keep calling it attic but I think we need to change that.

Our house is three stories high now that we have started work on the girls’ rooms.

There is what we call the first floor where the kitchen and living room is. Then we have the second floor where all our bedrooms are now as well as my sewing room and our bathroom.

The girls’ new rooms are in what we used to call the attic but really should now be called the third floor?

Or – is it bottom floor, first floor and second floor?

I get so very confused.

To add to it all when we added a ceiling to the new rooms we were able to make room for storage above it. We have taken to call it the attic-attic or fourth floor – but is that right?

What would you call it? It will be interesting to see if there are geographical differences to your replies.

(Also: I have started posting to http://lattemamablog.wordpress.com instead with a cross-post to my Blogger-blog. I’m actually liking WordPress better these days so you may want to add or update your readers?)

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