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Friday, March 9, 2012

Sick again

Well, wow.

A week and a few days ago I wrote about how our Winter Sports Vacation had suck because I got sick. Well let me tell you. A common flu (not the stomach bug kind) has nothing on a raging strep throat!

I had shipped the girls off to my parents on Friday March 2nd so Rickard and I could go out to have dinner and maybe catch a movie.

We decided to meet at the newly opened Starbucks (Yay!) in town so we could check it out. Also they have rebuilt the whole Central Station and I haven't been there for so long since I never take the bus any more.

We ended up getting some dinner at our favourite restaurant Chilli right next to Grand Square, but I felt the entire time that I was starting to get a sore throat.
So instead of dessert and a movie we decided to take the bus home and watch something there instead.

It was cold outside and I felt a chill coming on and once we were home my throat hurt and I was shivering.

I woke up in the night with a high fever and I had really weird dreams.

Saturday was spent on the sofa. I didn't eat much all day since I couldn't really swallow so I mostly slept and felt sorry for myself.

Sick bed

The girls came home in the afternoon and my parents quickly fled the scene. We were supposed to make them dinner but they declined. I didn't mind. I still had a pretty high fever.

I had hoped to last until the regular doctor's office opened on Monday before I got medicine but on Sunday morning I felt I couldn't really wait much longer.
So we drove to town to go to the doctor's office that's open on evenings and weekends. I fear it would take forever but they were pretty efficient there and it only took 90 minutes before I had a prescription to pick up at the pharmacy.

Monday was spent on the sofa as well and my throat was still really sore. I got caught up on "Upstairs, Downstairs". I lived off rose hip soup (mmm, yum) and soft thin-bread.

Tuesday I was back at work and finally I could feel the soreness in my throat was dissipating. And today I'm mostly back to normal although I get tired and dizzy pretty quickly if I strain myself. It's sad - I can't even bend over to put on my boots before I see spots before my eyes.

If there is an agency who dole out these illnesses and they are listening can I just say that I am done now. I don't need another bout of illness, Thank you. I'm all set for the rest of the year.

Thank you to all you sweet friends who showed me sympathy last weekend and this week.
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