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Saturday, March 31, 2012

New bag for Spring

Sofia goes to dance class once a week and the gym that hosts the classes is located right in the middle of town. Once dance begins us parents aren't allowed in the class room and so I find myself with 45 minutes to spend as I see fit.

Not far from the gym is a store that sells Marimekko fabrics by the yard and while I've always loved the look of the Marimekko designs I don't own many items featuring it.
If it's affordable it's usually a knock off.

But the other week after I had bought my customary coffee mug and I was wandering about the streets around the gym I came upon the Marimekko store and saw that they sold the fabrics at a discount.
So I treated myself to a yard of a summery cheery fabric.


I say treated because the start price was still so high, even at a discount it's quite pricey.

The fabric has languished in its bag since then but yesterday I decided to go ahead and make myself a new purse.
I have purse frames at home (bought here) that I have still to use and I picked the biggest one so the purse would be big enough in itself to show off the design.

Lisa of U-Handbag had a free purse pattern for that frame and I set to work.

Working on a new bag for me

I chose not to add the frill to the top because the fabric doesn't really give off that frill vibe to me. Instead I decided to use it plain to show off as much of the design as I possibly could.

I put in an inner pocket and gave the magnetic snaps I've had at home for ages a try. Another time I would have made the pocket deeper, but this will do for now.

Over all I'm fairly pleased with it. I could have done a better job of the glueing, but I'm still learning.

It's still drying so I'll post a finished picture later.
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