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Friday, March 9, 2012

Doing something about it

I wasn't going to post about this on this blog but I feel the need to report that in the past 5 weeks I have dropped 13 lbs in weight.

I'm following the Weight Watcher's program since that worked for me a couple of years ago. I have 28 lbs to go to my first goal post. After that I'll set a new goal and work towards that. This will be a long journey. Last time I was in Weight Watchers it took 13 months to reach my goal weight.

I expect this time to take as long or longer.

I do weigh-in on the weekends (Saturday), and I do them at home. In the morning. On the Wii Board since our bathroom scales doesn't have batteries in it.

I plan to measure my body (I have to do this either way since I plan to make myself some clothes) and mostly use that as a guide. My jeans are already falling down on my hips and I have to take them in a bit soon.

I will not be posting about it here every week or even every month. It's too personal.
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