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Monday, March 12, 2012

Enough with the weight talk. More sewing!

Saturday I was planning on sewing new curtains for the kitchen. I had the bases all done from before but had taken the toppers off to switch them out for something new.

Isabel was going hiking all day and Rickard and Sofia were leaving for their shorter hike. I dropped them all off then sped back home to get started.

Once home I had to start the dishwasher and a load of laundry and then I had to tidy up a bit and make some coffee. And then. No. Sewing was on the menu.

That's when the phone rang and my SIL asked me to look after her children since she had to go the ER with her husband. And her parents (my in-laws) weren't picking up the phone.

I told her to drop the kids off and to take their time. We had no plans all day (other than my sewing).

So I entertained F and A for a little while before packing them into the car to go fetch Rickard and Sofia from their hike.

Sofia was thrilled to have the cousins over and I think we'll have to schedule a few more playdates for them.

After we had served the kids lunch I did however manage to sneak in some sewing. Since the curtains were half done already I managed to finish one before I had to go fetch Isabel and by then the cousins had been picked up. Isabel was very sad.

She invited a friend over and that gave me some free time to finish up the second curtain as well.

Yesterday morning (Sunday) I got out of bed early since I couldn't sleep and did some bookkeeping for my company and then I proceeded to cut out fabric for the patchwork placemats I have planned.

I sewed one up last night but they took too long and I had a date with a cup of coffee and a tv-show so I had to take a break. I hope to finish the placemat tops tonight and maybe even cut out the backs and batting for them.

Fingers crossed. (And pics to come I promise)
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