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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Turn of the Tide

After what's felt like an eternity the Sun is finally making its way up the Sky early enough for me to catch the first rays as I drop the girls off at school and daycare.

The whole Sun isn't above the horizon until 8:15 am but that means the light starts to come out at 7:45 am giving us glorious sunrises during the coming weeks.

At least when it's not overcast and cloudy.

The temperatures have dropped too and this morning is was a very nippy -10C and all the door locks on our car were frozen. Thankfully the trunk faces our house and it doesn't get as chilly there so we can unlock it and still get inside.

Rickard leaves for work about 20 minutes before we do and he's kind enough to hook up the heather for me so I won't have as much ice to scrape off the windows when we head out.

Last night we went to the grocery store for some dance clothes for the girls and some food and staples. When we came outside again the Moon was a thin sliver of light low in the Sky. The night as so clear we could almost make out the entire Moon even though it's almost as far from Full as it gets.

Venus was a bright light high in the Sky and a few other stars were out, but I'm unsure what they were. Orion rises early these days - I love the sight of him. The familiarity of him and all the other constellations I recognise is comforting.

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